Ford Ranch Wagon Dropped Spindles installation by Street Rodder Magazine


  “Dropping the ‘57” – Ranch Wagon Dropped Spindles Tech Article   There is nothing better than knowing when someone calls our shop looking for a part for their car that we have it or if anything else, we can make it. When the folks at Street Rodder Magazine called…

The best Chassis and Suspensions explained by Brent Vandervort of Fatman Fabrications


TECH VIDEO – The best Chassis and Suspensions explained The best Chassis and Suspensions for your vehicle is possible, but it will take ingenuity and time.  To do this properly it also takes the know how to correctly stage your Chassis and Suspension for ride quality.  With the help of…

The Webrodder Technical Team – Technical Articles

Webrodder Technical Articles

Looking for more Fatman Fabrications technical information? No problem!  With the help of the Webrodder Technical Team where it's "All tech all the time", we've got a great resource for you to find some of the most asked questions in the hot rod and fabrication industry.  Whether your building a hot…

Explaining the modern Mustang II IFS as Fatman Fabrications builds it and in terms you’ll understand!


This article is from the President of Fatman Fabrications Brent Vandervort. Brent explains the modern Mustang II IFS (Independent Front Suspension) as Fatman Fabrications builds them. The original Ford (MII) Mustang II IFS design did have exceptionally good geometry, with higher strength parts than you would expect, an ideal size…

Performance Suspension Upgrade – Helpful Tips for a successful delivery

Performance Suspension Upgrades - Fatman Fabrications

Performance Suspension Upgrade Whether you’re building a daily drivin’ show stopper or a built up tire squealin’ machine, these few tidbits of information may help you be better prepared before you decide how your Suspension should be working for you and the demands you may be putting your ride through. …

Mustang II Installation Instructions

Mustang II Installation - Fatman Fabrications Technical Information

If you're wondering how a Fatman Fab Mustang II Kits Installtion is installed you've landed on the right page! Fatman Fabrications has always been known for rock-solid and quality Street Rod components all the while offering them at the right price.  We’re constantly evolving and improving our Products and because…

Thinking about a Fatman Fabrications Custom Chassis for your Ride?

Thinking about a Custom Chassis - Fatman Fabrications

If you want the BEST Custom Chassis in the business and you only want quality products installed on your build, than there is only one place to go for any Suspension Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Vintage Vehicle, Custom Car or Truck needs.  We will not only deliver that quality you deserve, but…

Fatman Fab Frame Stub and Sub Frame Front Suspension Differences


Thinking about a Front Suspension Upgrade and don’t know what to research?  Maybe you have learned the terminology, but don’t know whether you have a Frame Stub or a Sub Frame? Are you wondering what the difference between a Fatman Frame Stub and Sub Frame actually is?  The difference between…

Helpful tips when ordering a Mustang II based Front Frame Stub


Some cars have a frame that doesn’t allow a simple MII installations, yet are also too narrow for any type of GM Subframe. Fatman Fabrications built these front Frame Stubs, which will allow a 2” to 4” drop.  These Frame Stubs include pre-made mounts for bumpers and your vehicles sheetmetal. …

Independent Front Suspension (IFS) FAQ’s


Are you thinking about upgrading your Independent Front Suspension?  Purchasing any product for your ride normally takes some questioning and that mindset is especially true when upgrading any part of your vehicles suspension.  We here at Fatman Fabrication take these questions very seriously because a better-informed customer is a knowledgeable…



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