Fatman Fab Frame Stub and Sub Frame Front Suspension Differences


Thinking about a Front Suspension Upgrade and don’t know what to research?  Maybe you have learned the terminology, but don’t know whether you have a Frame Stub or a Sub Frame? Are you wondering what the difference between a Fatman Frame Stub and Sub Frame actually is?  The difference between a Fatman Frame Stub and a Fatman Sub Frame is actually quite simple.

Basically a Front Suspension Fatman Sub Frame is a factory frame section on your vehicle that can be un-bolted from the rest of your vehicle and be replaced with an aftermarket Sub Frame unit that attaches in the same manner as the original.  A perfect instance of this is with our First and Second gen Camaros, they have sub frames that should bolt right up to the factory Chassis. The Sub Frames can come standard in the Basic Kit, Stage II, Stage III, Stage IV or even Stage V Shockwave Kits.

However, some vehicles don’t allow this type of “simple” installation because the frontend is maybe a bit too narrow for a typical Sub Frame.  The Fatman Front Suspension Frame Stubs actually require cutting the factory frame rails to install.  The Frame Stub is then welded to the cutoff point on the original chassis to complete the installation.  The Fatman Frame Stubs have a multitude of applications and can be installed in many different types of vehicles from Dodge to Austin Healy.  The Frame Stubs can come standard in the Basic Mustang II Kit, Stage II, Stage III, Stage IV and Stage V Kits with additional upgrade options such as Dropped Spindles, Power Rack and Pinion setups, Sway Bars and upgraded Disc Brakes.

Many of the Front Suspension products that Fatman Fabrication has to offer have the opportunity for upgrades whether it’s something simple to something a bit more custom or complex specifically for your car. 

To learn more about Frame Stubs for your car visit our website to see if we already have a Frame Stub Kit specifically for your car.  If not, don’t worry because it doesn’t mean we cannot build one for your car, it may mean that we need a bit more information from you to get you the right part the first time.

We even have some very helpful information when ordering your Mustang II Frame Stub.